Lycoming Valley and Union County Industrial Railroads - June 2007

Fun in Williamsport!

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Lycoming Valley Railroad, Williamsport Pennsylvania

For our second run, we chose an excursion on the Lycoming Valley Railroad, a short line in North Central Pennsylvania that is centered in the town of Williamsport. The run was on June 9, 2007. Having learned a lot on our first run, this second one was more enjoyable and relaxing. We set on in Williamsport, went to Muncy, Jersey Shore and returned for a total of about 80 miles. The excursion coordinator, Larry Maynard, led a great run on a beautiful summer day.

We ran along the banks of the Susquehanna River from Williamsport to Muncy and back to Jersey Shore.


Lycoming Valley System Map


















System map of the Lycoming Valley Railroad


Union County Industrial logo Union County Industrial Railroad, Sunday, June 10 2007

The next day, we ran another short line, the Union County Industrial Railroad. We set on at New Columbia and backed to north off I-80. Then we went south to Milton to meet a Norfolk Southern Freight. We backed to West Milton and then went south to Winfield where we turned around and came back to Lewisburg. From Lewisburg we went back to the set on point in New Columbia for a total of about 35 miles.

The highlight of the day was when we ran the Mifflinburg spur from Lewisburg to Mifflinburg and back. The track had not been used for five years and the rails were overgrown with weeds. We had to stop at and cut a fallen tree off the rails at one point. It was quite an interesting ride through Amish farm country. We found that the weeds being crushed on the rails made them very slippery and we had to add to our usual stopping distance.

Another great run on a summer day lead by Larry Maynard!

Union County Industrial System Map


System map of the Union County Industrial Railroad


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